So Drake’s latest banger “Hotline Bling.” It’s melting faces everywhere. The beat, with those Super Mario chords, hard smacking bass, and delicious snares. The trademark, velvety, filtered just right Drizzy vocals. It’s got all the qualities of a classic, and I am no doubt grateful for this vibe.

Naturally, artists across the internet are having a some fun with this one, putting a “fresh” and “unique” spin on the track. I’ve heard some decent takes on it, and some not so decent. The good news is I rounded up the very best (and maybe a couple of the very worst) impersonators I could find and put the links right below. If you’re feeling “Hotline Bling” on the same level as us - you just might want to give a few listens below...

My personal favorite, via some dudes in Germany:

Emilio’s was actually pretty good until the underwhelming raps at the end:


Josh K may think his voice is better than Drake’s.... It’s not. But good try:

...a Reggae version? For real? Nice:


...and a Sax Cover?! No Way!

Dope album art, Trevor:


The Espanol edition is muy bien:

Last but not least, the homie Andrew Nguyen. Bringing the heat and taking the trophy: