For the past few years, since MIA’s Maya album, there has been a void in the give-no-fucks electro-dance-R&B-dancehall female rapper genre. Zoe Kravitz (lead singer and daughter of divine goddess, Lisa Bonet) is the anti-pop-star; smoking up on stage, producing trippy music videos, and not abiding by the confides of genre.

My friend Margaret puts it perfectly why this band is a must-listen:

  1. Each song is fairly unique from the rest of the album (and other artists for that matter).
  2. Some seriously dope dancing tunes (like “AYO”).
  3. The musical composition is intelligent and captivating.
  4. Her voice is dreamy and something about it feels both fierce and calm, a cool contradictory mix.

Basically, Lolawolf’s Calm Down album is awesome as fuck.