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What Went Down is Foals' New Album

The moment I fell in love for Foals was when Spanish Sahara played in the British superhero show Misfits during one of the hottest sex scenes ever to grace television (here’s the scene on YouTube, but warning that major spoilers will ensue). After that I become obsessed with Total Life Forever, an album that had the perfect mixture of quiet moments followed by all out rocking out that will have you dancing your ass off. The two best examples: Spanish Sahara and After Glow.


Now, Foals are back with their fourth album, What Went Down. It’s not as nuanced as Total Life Forever, but they still maintain that danceable rock vibe, which make them an unique act in the indie rock scene. The titular song of What Went Down starts with a bang right off the bat.

Mountain at the Gates has the hardcore rock breakdown we all have come to love and expect from our British rockers. Also, the video is a great experiment in VR.

Then there’s A Knife in the Ocean, a song that borders on Tame Impala psychedelia.

Overall, this album is not quiet on the level of Total Life Forever, but it’s still a great listen!


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