What Are Your Top 5 Albums of 2014?

2014 has been a great year for music. Below is my top five albums of the year. In comments, let us know what your favorite albums or songs that came out this year.


Broken Bells After The Disco - This album is great ride through the worlds of disco, alternative rock, and everything in between.


Real Estate Atlas - Oh Real Estate, how I love you so. This band is epitome of surf indie pop that encapsulates the carefree summer vibe and adolescent wonder. I listen to them whenever I need a dosage of tranquility, because life can be hectic at times and there is nothing better than listening to music that melts every worry away. With every subsequent album, Real Estate is perfecting the craft of creating music that is wonderfully calm and smile-inducing that I find myself listening to them for hours and not noticing how much time has passed by.

Sohn Tremors - Sohn's music feels like a descent into a visceral state of being and therein lies my obsession with this album. Every song feels as though I'm unraveling something primal within me, delving deeper as the nuances of my life become clearer. Sohn injects energy into the post-dubstep genre. His soothing voice beautifully juxtaposing with the aggressively synthesized crescendos. This album is perfect for entering a trance where time distorts beyond comprehension and the rational layer of life is non-existent. Everyone needs an escape, this is mine.


Slow Magic How To Run Away - Slow Magic makes the type of music that forces you to slow down. Our lives are often manic existences as we tumble through the daily madness. However, music like this provides an insight to a different existence where feelings freely flow along the air, our souls are open to anyone who wishes to take a peek into what makes us unique, and time becomes inconsequential. This music is transcendental; surpassing the intellectual and touching our emotional core.

Tycho Awake - This album is a massage for your brain. Beautifully layered rhythms that envelope you into a state of serenity. Do yourself a favor and listen to Tycho's album in its entirety. For forty minutes let go of everything, and flow with these wonderful melodies.

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