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Eargasm is a new blog for reveling in beautiful soundscapes and sharing those good vibes with the world.


Music isn’t prevalent in the kinjasphere right now, and Eargasm is here to fill that void with gorgeous sounds beamed directly into your brains (via your ears, of course. Kinja doesn’t support telepathy just yet, wait until Kinja 3.0). I ran a music blog called Uncharted Lust for five years, but that blog is no more because Tumblr banned me for pesky copyright violations. There’s no hard feelings between Tumblr and I, but I’m starting anew in Kinja with a brand-new blog and a few other writers to join in for the ride.

First some ground rules for optimal eargasmic pleasure:

  1. Keep the music flowing. Comment away with all of your favorite tunes!
  2. Music is nice and all, but also talk about the music, like in an intellectual-discourse-over-tea-and-scones-and-a-shot-of-whiskey kind of way.
  3. GIFs! Nothing is better than playing a good tune and staring at an animated image looping endlessly.

Now for some groovy music:


Keep the groove going in the replies below.

We’re here to help you discover the hottest upcoming musicians - if you know any great tracks we haven’t talked about yet, send us a tweet @KinjaEargasm or leave your suggestions in the comments. Follow me @TheArielViera.

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