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tUnE-yArDs are tHe-ShIt

My dear readers, I would like to introduce you to one of the most eccentric indie bands rocking the airwaves right now: tUnE-yArDs. Their sound cannot be explained through mere language. It’s one part worldbeat, another part freak-folk, a underlining of indie-funk, a bit of art-pop, and dash of electropop. I have no idea what I just said in the previous sentence. Genre classification is getting ridiculous nowadays. It’s better you listen to it yourself. First up, here’s Water Fountain, a funky trip into musical weirdness.

Now here’s my personal favorite. The chorus has been drilled into my skull and cannot get the words “Wait for a minute ah ah” out of my mind for the past week. I love how Merrill Garbus plays with sound distortion and the doppler effect, the entire song feels like repeated plunges into a pool on a summer day. Now Wait For a Minute and listen to this song with a good pair of headphones.

But, did I mention they also do folk. Yep, good ole folk. Rocking Chair is like a horde of grandmothers from Louisiana singing a folk song they learned from their days working on the farm.

Now here’s an extra GIF made by moi from their music video for your tripping pleasure.


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