I’ll be blunt: I hated Toro Y Moi’s previous release, What For? Hate is a strong word, but the album was enough of a departure from his previous work that I had been wholly rebuffed by Chaz Bundick’s new sound. Indie folk rock, what for?


As reparations for his earlier sleep inducer, Toro Y Moi used his Instagram account to announce a new album, Samantha. It releases today and is available as a free download on Dropbox. At the rate Chaz had been releasing new tracks on Soundcloud, I expected a new EP at the very least, sometime before the end of 2015. That it appeared so soon, and that it’s so good, are the shocking parts.


Samantha is a throwback to Chaz’s older—and better—sound, which blends elements of funk, R&B, hip hop, and psychedelia. Individually, the tracks sound like b-sides from what his previous album should have been. Together they form a very deep and coherent listening experience that hits plenty of tones and moods, with a B-plus cast of featured players like Kool A.D., Nosaj Thing, and Washed Out.

Download Samantha for free. Listen to it, groove with it, share it with your friends, and keep your fingers crossed that Toro Y Moi doesn’t so drastically depart from this sound of his that we’ve come to know and love.


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