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The Rules of Modern Romance

With the advent of Tinder, gender equality, and changing social norms; romance has changed. The rules of our parent’s generation no longer apply to our generation. Technology has exploded our dating prospects. 50 years ago you would meet maybe a handful of people per week, today you can meet a handful of gorgeous single people every hour. Our generation is on a search for passion, rather than convenience. Here’s a selection of modern love songs that reflect the times that are-a-changing.


1. “Your time will come.”


You know that moment when you’re dwelling in the frustration of singledom and your friend says “you have to put yourself out there”? Or maybe it’s “once you love yourself, love will come to you”. It’s all bullshit. When you love yourself, a mate will not instantly appear. We are all human. There’s going to be days we hate ourselves and every decision we make, then there’s going to be days where we think we’re fucking awesome and every move feels like the right move. When you enter a relationship, you don’t suddenly have permission to stop working on yourself either. Love is all about meeting someone you just click with, it’s all about being there the right place and right time. Keep on meeting people, keep on living in the moment, keep improving yourself for yourself (not for meeting someone else). Your time will come.

2. “If you won’t take the love you’re given, then at least let me go.”


I believe in the Rule of Fuck Yes. When it comes to dating nowadays, we don’t have time to be dating someone who likes us just enough to maybe stick around nor we shouldn’t date someone we’re meh about. Fuck that. We need to date only people we say “fuck yeah!” for everything you are and want to do. People get too stuck in the grey area, judging every single text and vague signal. This is why games are played. That’s all a waste of time. Date only people who are completely down for who you are and what you want to do, and vice-versa.

3. “May as well just be me.”


If online dating is any indication, there’s someone for everyone. We’re no longer living in the age we’re our choices are limited to work, family, and friends of friends. Now we have the entire world at our fingertips. So just be yourself. Accept your quirks. Accept your flaws. Keep loving what you love. Chances are that you’ll find someone who loves the same weird shit as you.

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