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The Other Side of Brooklyn

When people hear about Brooklyn nowadays, they think of Williamsburg and Bushwick. Flatbush is one of those forgotten neighborhoods in southern Brooklyn. Sure, gentrification has left its mark in a few spots, but the neighborhood still feels like an entirely different world from the “hip” neighborhoods of North Brooklyn.


This brings to attention hip-hop band, Flatbush Zombies, hailing from its titled neighborhood and bringing back the theatrical-esque style that is reminiscent when Wu Tang Clan’s 36 Chambers reigned supreme. The lyrics are dark, the music is jazzy, and the samples feel like getting lost in a marijuana haze. BetterOffDEAD ain’t a mere mixtape, it’s a journey through the Brooklyn underbelly of drugs, sex, violence, and hip-hop. This is a world rarely shown anymore as the modern gentrified-wonderland view of Brooklyn has taken over in the collective consciousness.


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