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The Music of Modern Romance

Let’s face it, romance is different from previous generations. We don’t meet potential lovers through neighbors or family friends anymore. Instead, we swipe right on our phones in hopes to find the one (for the night). We don’t offer flowers on the first date. We offer drinks, lots of them. We don’t go on dates, we hangout till our friends start questioning whether we’re a “thing” or not. As romance has changed in the internet age, love songs have changed as well.


Here are three trends of modern love songs:


The confusion-is-real song. Are we a thing? Are we just friends? Are we meant to be more than friends? Is there someone better?

Skizzy Mars is perfect example of this trend. Brutally honest, but not sappy like Drake. This man loves his women, but even this lothario rapper can’t escape feeling a connection with one particular girl.


The you’re-the-one-I-always-come-back-to song. We’re always searching for other romantic partners, because variety is the spice of life, isn’t it? But at the end of day we always go back to that one person.


The Weeknd is the king of modern sensual love-making music. Nothing is more important than the present moment for this artist. The confusion is still real, but at least it’s not that confusing.

The fuck-the-labels-I-just-love-you-so-lets-get-far-away-from-here-and-have-an-adventure song. Sometimes we just want to run away from all the noise, so we idealize that one cool person (that’s probably from #2) and decide to say “fuck it!” and just go to the farthest corners of the earth while writing in a moleskin journal, taking photos on a Polaroid camera, and smoking hand-rolled cigarettes.


Vance Joy has made millions of people fawn with his songs of adventure. And yet again, the confusion is still real, but at least we’re running away from everything else that is confusing.

Modern romance isn’t as clear-cut as it used to be in previous decades. Gone are the days of cloying ballads, moving romantic epics, and heart-wrenching I-miss-the-shit-out-of-you songs. We are now in the era of romance finding it’s place on our journey of self-discovery.


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