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Skrillex + Parov Stelar = Big Gigantic

If you ever wondered what would happen if you fused Skrillex’s angsty bass drops, Parov Stelar-style saxophone playing, and old-school Soul/R&B samples a la Pretty Lights then look no further. Today I bring you DJ duo, hailing from the mountains of Colorado, Big Gigantic!

Skrillex used to be my guilty pleasure. But, after seeing him at Governor’s Ball 2014, I no longer feel guilty about loving adrenaline pumping bass drops. Skrillex, and dubstep overall, is now just a pleasure that I’ll keep sharing loudly and proudly!


While other EDM artists are stepping away from the aggressive bass-drop extravaganza of the soft-spoken Skrillex, Big Gigantic continues in the footsteps of hard-hitting don’t-give-a-fuck-and-dance dubstep. Thank god! I was worried that the entire world was going to swim against the tide of “brostep”. The best part of this electronic duo is that they infused saxophone and classic drum beats into music that assaults your eardrums till you’re jumping up-and-down in a drug-addled crowd.

Here’s my favorite song, that sounds just like Parov Stelar on steroids:


I’m super stoked to see these guys in sexy saxophone glory at Governor’s Ball this weekend!

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