I’m not sure who SAINT-SAMUEL is or where he came from, but he has ruined my day, and possibly my week.


I’ve been listening to the mellow tunes provided by our crowdsourced office playlist when, at around 11am, I finally decided I had enough. The caffeine buzz was strong and required an appropriately let’s fuck shit up soundtrack to help me cut through today’s tasks like thicket. Shared by a fellow synth-head on Soundcloud, SAINT-SAMUEL was the first artist to emanate from my stream, and possibly the last for today. Since then, I’ve been in a bit of a hole, digging deeper and deeper into SAINT-SAMUEL’s vibe.

Accompanying the delicious pairing of synth, sample, and sequencing are music videos for most of the songs found on SAINT-SAMUEL’s latest LP, Carrousel. Part Beyond the Black Rainbow, part Captain Murphy’s Duality (NSFW), SAINT-SAMUEL’s videos did not come with a disclaimer, and like his music, took my gelatinous Monday morning brain and sculpted it into a flaccid notion of psychedelic nostalgia that has become more rigid as the day progresses.


A weekend of consistent drinking and inconsistent sleep is not my reason for today’s corporeal detachment. The trance-like states of focus and heavy head rocking are thanks to SAINT-SAMUEL and Carrousel.


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