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PREMIERE: Kate Havnevik's "Falling"

Many of us are so inundated with new music, that it can be quite difficult to make a worthwhile discovery - especially when said track is concocted half way across the globe. I have our friend’s at Theo PR (based out of London) to thank for many such overseas enlightenment, most recently being Kate Havnevik, a Norwegian singer/songwriter. Her song “Falling” reminds me of the likes of Imogen Heap, & Frou Frou. Heavy vocal production, well-organized electronic percussions, synths that are extremely refreshing and easy on the ears. It’s no doubt an enjoyable sound.


“Falling” is off Kate’s third studio album (titled &i) comes out on the 27th of February, released through Continentica Records. &i sees Kate stay true to her musical origins while simultaneously embarking on a new sonic landscape. Her distinct, ethereal vocals are ever present throughout the LP. The album features Kate’s long time collaborator, producer Guy Sigsworth (Björk, Madonna, Alanis Morissette), as well as Kate’s other usual teammates; Sean McGhee, Petter Haavik of the electronic duo Ost & Kjex and Canadian Electronic duo Sultan + Ned Shepard.


The visuals to Kate Havnevik’s new single (below) are abstract & moody, and align nicely with the graceful song. As per Havnevik’s team, “Falling is about that limbo place where things can go either way, everything can become amazing or everything goes to hell.”

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