Our world is drowning in so much sound that we have grown accustomed to no longer listen. We vie to hear only what we want to hear, ignoring the full scope of the soundscapes that surround us. Music has become merely white noise.

Conversation has degenerated into a series of people telling stories about themselves and nothing more; no questions, no acknowledgments, no real listening. We have forgotten that listening is one of the most potent abilities we have. When we listen, we are reaching out to another person and telling them “I am here for you.” When we listen closely, we can understand the nuances of people, music, and the environments around us. So stop speaking, stop ignoring, stop waiting to talk, stop drowning out the sound and start listening. Start listening to the birds singing in the morning, start listening to people with your full attention and connect, start listening to the wonderful nuances of music.

Open your ears and listen because beauty awaits in frequencies that have gone unheard. Open your ears and feel the wonder of sound.

Here’s a selection of three songs for diving into beautiful soundscapes:


Tycho’s music is a massage for your brain. Beautifully layered rhythms that envelope you into a state of serenity. Do yourself a favor and listen to Tycho’s album in its entirety. For forty minutes let go of everything, and flow with these wonderful melodies.

Sohn’s music feels like a descent into a visceral state of being and therein lies my obsession with this album. Every song feels as though I’m unraveling something primal within me, delving deeper as the nuances of my life become clearer. Sohn injects energy into the post-dubstep genre. His soothing voice beautifully juxtaposing with the aggressively synthesized crescendos. This album is perfect for entering a trance where time distorts beyond comprehension and the rational layer of life is non-existent. Everyone needs an escape, this is mine.


Bonobo’s music is like entering a dream. The type of dream where you see the world in a different light. The conscious mind takes a backseat and the subconscious takes control as you see the patterns in your life emerge in a clarity you cannot possibly experience in the waking world. When we are awake we are blind to certain nuances in our lives, but while listening to music that puts you in a dream-like trance suddenly the abstract becomes tangible and you are able to grasp ideas and revelations that were blind to you before. This is why I love Bonobo, because his music is audible transcendence.

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