A style that’s a culmination of an NYC upbringing, a well-connected lifestyle, and a trendsetting spirit, Zak Downtown has stayed on his grind and is branding himself well.


He’s also making some fun ass music that you and your pals can turn up to. Curating his Soundcloud down to 9 songs, his latest titled “Kylie Kendall,” is right in the wheelhouse of what he does best: enthusiastically heaving metaphorically inclined raps over trap influenced beats.


Zak dives into a bit of his personality on this one, quite humorously at times, and it’s worth noting a few gems:

“She said I’m insane, to vein, varicose.”

“These girls’re all on me and I throw ‘em wood, like a fireplace.”

“You know I spit the jalapenos for the pesos not a day goes, by that I ain’t stackin’ up like legos, ok though. See it’s first place or fail bitch, feel me, like brail bitch. Pants a little tighter but it’s hammer time, I nailed it.”


Yup, nailed it.

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