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Living the 8-Bit Dream

If there’s one artist that can bring chiptune into the mainstream and conquer the EDM world, it’s 20-year old French DJ, Madeon. His debut studio album, Adventure, dropped this week with its chiptune synths reminiscent of early 90’s video games, infectious melodies, and drops that skyrocket to euphoric heights.


It’s about damn time chiptune gets its chance to shine! Our generation grew up in 8-bit worlds; spending hours trying to beat that one annoying level that left you feeling great once it was conquered or competing against friends to see who is the reigning champion of so-and-so game and by the end of the day you have connected with them a little bit more. Video games are responsible for wonderful memories in many people’s lives. Just like film and cartoon nostalgia took hold in 90’s music, video game nostalgia is making its mark in music we can all dance to and fall in love with.

Here’s the full album:


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