We have all have a genre of music that sticks with us throughout our lives. For me, I have a few genres and synth is one of them. Here are the origins of my torrid love affair with synth.


Summer of 2000. Napster took over the internet. A magical gateway to free music opened. Little 12 year-old Ariel, wide-eyed and armed with an ultra-fast 56K internet connection, spent his days browsing Napster in efforts to steal Metallica’s music and inflate the ego of Sean Parker. (Aside: Eargasm does NOT condone stealing music. You wouldn’t download a car, would you? So why download music? I have since repented by giving all of my money to Spotify) Then one day, I bumped into a song called Voyager by Daft Punk. Those were the French guys who made that song One More Time right? Yes they were! Right click and... download. Here we go!

Mind you, in 2000 this download seemed lightning fast to my pre-high-speed-FIOS-internet eyes, but in actuality it took 30 minutes to download a single song. So this was a special event.


Download complete. Press play.

Suddenly I skyrocketed into lo-fi synth soundscapes that I’ve only heard before in video games. I was loving this! Daft Punk took my love of video games, anime, and electronic music and combined the three in gorgeously layered musical compositions. Press play again. And again and again. Until I listened to Daft Punk’s entire discography and memorized every song.


Fast forward to 2009. The year I discovered the wonderful world of all that is indie and first stepped into the hipster mecca: Williamsburg, Brooklyn. But don’t call me a hipster because I’m not mainstream enough to be a hipster. That’s when I entered my second phase of hardcore synth love.

The band: Cut Copy. The song: Lights and Music. The feeling: a rush of intense euphoria followed by a mellow elation, and it wasn’t the drugs I was taking at the time.

This Aussie band reinvigorated synthpop by infusing a dash of disco and catchy lyrics. I still find myself humming Lights and Music and Hearts on Fire at random moments during the day.


Then, a flurry of synth invaded my life. From Delorean to M83 to The Twelves. The list goes on. Until 2013. Grand Theft Auto V took my life by storm and a synth band took my heart faster than driving a Pegassi Infernus through the streets of San Andreas.

The band: Miami Horror. The song: Sometimes. The feeling: Where has this band been all of my life?

Miami Horror takes synth to the next level. Moving away from the lo-fi sounds of a bygone video game era to the dance extravaganza in blaring clarity. Synth is now in the modern age. No longer is it a nostalgia trip. It’s going to uncharted soundscapes, taking us to the electronic dance music frontier.


Hello, my name is Ariel Viera and I’m a synth addict.

Ladies and gentlemen, I’ll leave you with a recent synth favorite of mine. Enjoy and keep the music flowing!

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