This isn't the first time I've posted about Skizzy Mars, but it's the first time he's gracing the ever-progressing Eargasm, so I hope you lot enjoy.

I had the opportunity to interview this dude leading up to the release of his prior mixtape titled Pace. For a deep look into the mind of a clever young stoner making what he referred to as post-Cudi/post-Kanye music, please feel free to click here. I'll consider you my friend if you do. Skizzy, or Miles as some call him, while at times sounding a bit aloof and maybe a bit immature, gets away with any of those shortcomings by churning out an ever-consistent, jubilantly fresh sounding positive vibe. The relentless passion for his craft, the support from connected cats on the business side of the music industry, as well as support from talented producers like Michael Keenan, are what births the delicacy we are soon to receive from this young man.


Well into the build up for the biggest release of his youthful career, The Red Balloon Project is a 7-song release that is cut from the same clothe of past Skizzy material, with a more polished sound. But it wasn't always so professional. With the help of the viral explosion of Youtube hits like "Profound," "Tara," and "Douchebag," Skizzy garnered a grass roots following that consisted of beer pong addicted frat boys and pothead girls who puff blunts in their Mom's Mercedes after 9th period.

As more tracks were released, legend started growing, and folks in the game began taking note. Fast forward a few years, two largely successful mixtapes, a spattering of features alongside bigger names like Hoodie Allen & G-Eazy, and in there somewhere a P-Diddy tweet, Skizzy not only has caught up, but seems poised to skyrocket passed some of his rap game colleagues.


"Be Lazy" is the second release in anticipation of The Red Balloon Project. Here's the official video for the first release, "Do You There" featuring Marc E. Bassy: