There is a perfect balance that music can achieve: exhilarating and relaxing. It’s the musical g-spot, where good vibes are plentiful and you can’t stop listening. It’s the moment you play a song and as, you’re consumed by the beautiful rhythms, you wish this state of mind will last forever. Well, my dear readers, I have a musician who will massage your ears to a point of eargasmic elation. I present you, electronic music duo hailing from Seatlle, Odesza.

Take two parts Purity Ring, one part Tycho, a dash of Pretty Lights, and you have yourself Odesza. Now, let’s talk about this gorgeously shot music video of Say My Name featuring Zyra and starring the beautiful Stephanie Hunt (file under #wcw):

Most music video nowadays vie to show some vague love story in a hipstery flair that doesn’t make much narrative sense but looks very pretty. This ain’t your typical music video, this seemingly hipster love story gets real, literally.

The beginning of the video is the fantasy of love. The matching red converses and bright blue headphones. The soft kisses under the summer sun. The slow motion shots of laughter in the pool. Moments of exhilaration and warmth we play over and over in our heads when we like someone, slowly constructing an elaborate dream scenario that makes us swoon in a love-soaked reverie. I’ve done this before with countless crushes, often vying for the fantasy than the reality, because reality is frightening. Making up love stories is easier than living one out. That’s where the latter half of this video gets real.

After the guy gives the girl an engagement ring, all of sudden they are pulled away from the fantasy and we find out it’s all film set. But, as with most fantasies, we want it to be real. Stephanie Hunt’s character yearns to go back into that fantasy world she fell in love with and, in her quest to return to the fantasy, there’s a moment she lip syncs to Zyra’s chorus:

I wanna dance
I wanna dance
I wanna dance with you
So take a chance
Take a chance

This usually never happens in music videos where the band is not in the video! Usually music videos go about these four different ways:

  1. The band singing and playing their instruments in an array of backdrops. BORING!
  2. The band acting out a narrative. Sometimes this is pretty cool. Think Michael Jackson’s Thriller.
  3. Random images that don’t make any sense. This only works if it’s a psychedelic rock song where you want to trip out under the influence of drugs.
  4. Actors portraying a narrative. My favorite type of music video. In these videos, the narrative follows the rhythm of the music, but at no point do the actors sing out the song.


But in this video, the lines blur between story and song for a few goosebumps-inducing seconds!

Our fantasies inform our real-life decisions and vice-versa. We can either choose to delve deeper into our make-believe worlds or live out the reality. That choice is tough, because the fantasy is alluring and it’s easy to repeat it in our minds. In the end, you can interpret as either:

  1. The girl decides to go back into the fantasy. The pessimistic reality-is-doomed interpretation.
  2. Or she decides to make her fantasy a reality. The optimistic you-have-a-choice-to-make-anything-a-reality interpretation.


I don’t know which one I want to believe in more. Up until a few months ago, I used to be in the pessimistic vying for fantasy over reality camp, but in light of beginning to trust in myself and in the universe to work things out, I’m warming up to the optimistic I-can-live-out-my-dreams camp.

All in all, I just want to dance and take a chance. Forget about all of the bullshit and just be in the here and now.


Odesza is going to play at this year’s Governor’s Ball in New York City. I purchased my 3-day tickets before the lineup was even announced, but I’m so glad I’m going to be reveling in these beautiful melodies soon!

Check out their full album on Spotify:


P.S. Props to Odesza for using a sitar in the song Sundara.

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