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Between Two Ears: A Commuter's Daily Playlist

In my opinion, music is a key ingredient to a successful commute. I ride the M train in to the city almost every day, and I would say 75% of my fellow passengers are always listening to music. Sometimes I want to hear what everyone is listening to, and sometimes you don’t have a choice. Here’s a glimpse of what is usually happening between my ears.


Morning Commute:

For me, the morning is all about the beat. I get up, walk the dog, choose which color black I am going to wear and then I hit the streets like Travolta in Saturday Night Fever—- marching towards my train station like the Queen of Bushwick. If it doesn’t have a strong beat, it might as well be decaffeinated coffee. When the train arrives in the station on time, and all the walk signals turn in your favor upon arrival at the street corner, these are the songs you want to be listening to.


Afternoon Commute:

The afternoon commute is a stressful experience—akin to being packaged tightly in a sardine can, unable to move or scream without getting glared at. For moments like these, I need songs that I can get lost in; songs that remind me of love, and heartache, and feeeeelings. Songs that make me sentimental as I look out over the Williamsburg Bridge and watch the sun as it sets over the city. This is the kind of music meditation that has me turning up the volume when the chorus hits, and tuning out all the other noise as the train rolls deeper in to Brooklyn.


A song for every commute:

Would you believe me if I told you this was a Soulja Boy cover? This song has the ability to put me in a good mood no matter the situation—and so I thought I would share it with you. Until next time!

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