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Beirut is Back From The Dead!

After four long years, Beirut is back from the dead. The fear that they would never return was reaching a critical point and I kept asking myself would The Rip Tide be the last lingering memory of them? That album was beauty incarnate. Actually, every album of theirs is beauty incarnate. Zach Condon’s voice is forever imprinted onto my brain after the many love letters I wrote to various women in my life while listening to Postcards From Italy, which is basically the most romantic song ever written.


Now, in a gift from the heavens with the full glory of the horn section and Zach Condon’s serene voice, comes two new songs by Beirut. The first is No No No, but in my head I’m like yes yes YES!

After many beloved forays into Eastern European folk music (and one foray into Mexican folk music), which are dear to my heart, I’m glad they are branching out to a more poppy route with this little tune.


The most recent single, Gibraltar, has a sick tablas background never heard in any of their previous songs. The result is a song that is just audible serenity, perfect for sitting down after a long day and drinking a glass of wine. It’s a Paul Simon vibe with the chorus that makes Beirut memorable.

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