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Audible Serenity

My dear readers, let me introduce you to audible serenity: Find a good pair of headphones. Lay on a bed or hammock or a grassy meadow or anywhere you like. Press play on the song below and let the music take you.


Go on. Press play. Don’t keep on reading until you’ve taken the full ride.

Welcome back! How do you feel? Wait, don’t answer that. Just keep on feeling it, let it linger, and imprint that feeling onto your soul.


This latest song by Four Tet has blown me away. Usually he makes songs that are industrial trip-hop, but this one is a ride into a place of uninhibited bliss. The mix of Indian vocals with the steady drum-n-bass beat and the flowy synths makes for a song that is primed for entering into a zone of serenity.

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