One euphoric song is all it takes to turn your world upside down. After Bubble Butt, I lost faith in Major Lazer. Here was one of my favorite electronic acts, that masterfully combined old-school dancehall with house, suddenly vying for the goofy typical hip-hop grinding song. Ugh! But on the night of my birthday, while a few friends and I were speeding through the streets of Manhattan, they played Lean On.

Streaking by the city lights, amidst the bliss of having one of the best birthdays I’ve ever had, and now this song dripping in sensuality with MØ’s sultry voice complimenting the electronic dancehall rhythms was the perfect end to a perfect night.

I asked my friend who was the artist because I needed to immediately put it on my daily playlist. I was shocked it was Major Lazer. My faith in this duo was restored. They returned to the style that made them great in my eyes.

Then there’s the music video. It’s an explosion of color with a great Bollywood backdrop. When various styles from opposite ends of Earth are fused together, it makes for filmic magic. Also, I need to know where these guys are getting their shirts, it’s all so badass.

Like any massively popular electronic, there’s always an onslaught of remixes. Most of them are the standard making-the-song-even-more-house-heavy affair, but after digging through the hundreds of remixes I found a few great novel ones.


First comes my favorite one that brings the music of my people (Puerto Rican) to this song:

Next up we have remix artist AWOLTALK making an insanely high-octane drum-n-bass version. This remix is basically audible cocaine:


Then there’s a type of cover that is always hits me in the feels, and that’s a well produced acoustic version of a song that is anything but acoustic. Saint Raymond does a great acoustic alternative rendition and gets that sweet drop in a way I didn’t expect at all. Give it a listen:

Last, but definitely not least, is a cover that turns the high-octane electronic into sensual oriental instrumentation. My heart has been melted:


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