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A Hell of A Track

Coleman Hell is slightly unexpected yet much appreciated discovery. Not only unexpected in the fact that the Toronto-based artist has a modest 1.4k Soundcloud loyalists and is thus considered quite unknown, but also because of how much I’m realizing I enjoy his track titled “Two Heads.”


At first listen, I threw it a “like,” mostly out of respect for the polished Electro-Folk sound. It’s a well organized track that flows with good life throughout, but in full transparency, I felt that trying to really vibe to this one was a bit corny. Like I was listening to some Elvis Duran Z100 feels coming from FM-radio frequencies. Of Monsters and Men on a sugar cereal high. Make sense?


But a couple weeks later, I find myself coming back to it and really seeing it for what it is: A slightly repetitive jam that is quite enjoyable. Coleman Hell is good, and I want to hear more. End of story.

Eargasm Extra: For a more grungy hip-hop look at Coleman, check out his #sideways in the UK video:

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