Making his 2nd appearance on Eargasm, our favorite NYC rapper Skizzy Mars just released one for the fans the other day. What a mensch!

The latest, titled “My Friend” features a couple lesser known artists in Marco McKinnis & Jules Henley, both whom are likely Penthouse co-signs. For the production, Batman turned to Robin yet again (or is it the other way around?) with Michael Keenan providing one of his trademark wavy beats. I don’t notice any samples, do you?

I maintain the opinion that Skiz is one of the most consistent young rhyme spitters out there right now. His most recent official collection of vibes, titled The Red Balloon Project, was quite brief but saw some solid success by delivering smooth, bouncy, jubilant tracks with a deep NYC feel. If you’re still unaware of Skizzy at this time, please do some homework.

Through exchanges with Skizzy over the last couple of years, it’s apparent that one of his premiere mantras is patience. That is, appreciating the timely process that is creativity. This respect for ”watering the seeds” and letting things take their course organically through time has turned out to be a recipe for success. It’s also a tactic other up-and-coming artists should adopt. Skizzy puts out solid track after solid track, and that will no doubt pay off in the long run.

Bonus Vibe: Check out the Allday Remix of another ‘while I work on the album’ track. “Always Know the DJ” is another Michael Keenan produced song that’s great for a chill gathering. Enjoy.

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